Why we love Amuse Society ! 🌺

Amuse society

Amuse Society was founded by Mandy Fry who carved her own path from a lifetime working for some of the biggest surf brands…

Amuse is an archetype of beach chic – a ready to wear collection with Rock ‘n’ Roll vibes that blends seamlessly with beach knits and bikinis. Inspired by the art of Travel and the alluring appeal of all things beach, a signature aesthetic has been created that screams, ” thats so Amuse”. On or off the beach, the style is undeniably bold & rebelliously sexy!

As creative director and president, Mandy and her team conceive and curate this contemporary ready-to-wear, swim and neoprene label in sunny Southern California, all while channeling their rock-muse-on-a-beach-holiday. From there, the latest collection travels the globe, sitting in top retailers all over the world.

We happen to be one of those stores, and thank god we are! 😍🍹🌊🌴🌺

Come and check out some of the latest pieces to drop in our St Brealde store …





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