Madhatter Meets…


Introducing Laetitia Green, or better know to her friends as, Tish. Jersey born, 20 years old, and working between two jobs, this girl still finds time to fit her skateboarding and creative passion in.

Tish has been skating since lockdown but says it has always appealed to her, she found it difficult to start not having any friends in the skate scene, so decided to take to the power of social media and ask one of her followers if anyone had a spare board she could borrow or buy cheap! Luckily, a friend gifted an old deck and off to the skate park they went, instant love for the sport and a group of new friends to support her. And the rest is history.

“Reflecting back on it now, I couldn’t imagine where or who I would be if I hadn’t posted that Instagram story. It opened up a whole new circle of people to me which was very refreshing!”

We asked Tish her opinion on being a female skater in a largely male populated sport and if it was tough, which she said it wasn’t as most the guys are more than happy to help you out and cheer you on. Tish did say it can be a little intimidating jumping into a male dominated sport, but once you step out of your comfort zone and get chatting to all the guys, you realise that most of the thoughts and worries are all in your head!

Tish is riding an 8.25 RIP N DIP Board, and she says her favourite place to skate largely depends on how she’s feeling “Sometimes I prefer being somewhere quiet where I can practice tricks, I also love the town skate park as you can go on the ramps and there’s a lot more obstacles you can work around. Plus its a nice place to skate and socialise with other skaters.”

If you haven’t already guessed by the gorgeous images of Tish on her decks, her creative passion is mixing music, and she’s pretty damn good at it too!! Unbelievably, Tish only started mixing at the beginning of March this year. But, has been listening to Drum and Bass since she was 15.

Her passion for Drum and Bass in general inspires her to get creative and she says she always has ideas running through her head of how to layout her next mix, and is constantly creating in her head something completely new out of mixing two different tunes together, which takes her straight back to her mixing table as soon as she can get there. Tish follows a lot of other artists mixing journeys that she looks up to, seeing what they are doing to get creative always inspires her to push herself and adapt her life to make sure she can mix as much as possible to get where she wants to be.

If you want to check out Tish’s amazing music, you can find her mixes on soundcloud under Ana Crusis, or watch her live streams on Instagram (@Ana_crusis_) and Facebook (Ana Crusis) which she uses as her general platform to premote herself and what she’s getting involved in.

When asking Tish why she chose Vans as her brand in the style pick from the shop she proudly stated “I’ve been repping Vans since day one! Its always been one of my favourite brands and there’s no other shoe I’d rather skate in. I feel so comfortable in them, especially when I’m skating. Even when I’m not skating, you’ll always find me repping my vans old schools over any other shoe!”

Thanks again Tish for having us round and giving us a mini rave at your house! We loved every minute of it and can’t wait to follow your mixing journey.

Words by Jenna Springthorpe
Photos by Ollie Jones Photography