Hobie Alter started carving out surfboards from wood in his parents garage in 1950.His dream quickly became reality and a few years later he opened up Californias first surf shop in Dana Point.With the help of his buddy Gordan Clark 1958 saw the invention of the polyurethane foam surf board.By the late 60’s Hobie started messing around in boats and it wasn’t long before history soon repeated itself.What Hobie cat did for sailing, introducing a whole new way to have fun in the sun and revolutionising an industry in the process.In the past four decades, more people have taken to the water on a Hobie Cat than almost any other sailboat design.In the years to follow, plenty of other ocean innovations emerged from Hobie’s imagination: the Hobie Power Skiff, a 33’ monohull sailer, a 60’ ocean voyaging power cat and innovative fishing floats and a wide range of kayaks. Hobie’s logo has meant the very best in everything from radiocontrolled gliders, skateboards, world-famous polarized sunglasses and sportswear.

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