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With their very first I Love the Seaside edition, in 2016, a small ocean-loving team set things in motion; inspiring travellers, and a continuation of creating seaside guides. After the huge success of their first three books, guiding you along with the surf hubs of Southwest then Northwest Europe, and the Moroccan coast, they set off to Great Britain and Ireland. Starting on England’s east coast, they surfed their way up to Scotland, all the way to the Highlands and around the NC500 coastal route, before checking onto the ferry to the Outer Hebrides. And further down the west, they went, following the craggy coast of Wales, then all around Devon and Cornwall. In Ireland, they travelled from the Causeway Coast in the north, down the west all the way to County Kerry. Along the routes, the team met up with, bumped into, started talking to and sharing waves with, inspiring, funny, knowledgeable and friendly seaside people. Whether they were fellow travellers, surfers, entrepreneurs, artists, photographers, whiskey or whisky drinkers, or simply passing through; all helped to create this new surf and travel guide.

This guide is not only about surfing. It’s about travelling – alongside the ocean mainly, and a bit inland – about places, and about people. I Love the Seaside aim to connect travellers and locals and to share the finest places with you. You’ll get a clear view of the backdrop, places you’ll love to hang out, eat and sleep, fine shops, outdoor activities and things to do and see, local food facts and stories of inspiring seaside people. The team loves to be independent; free to choose and share the lifestyle of acting purely and from the heart. That’s why they choose to do everything by themselves; from collecting and connecting, to printing and publishing.

The full colour I Love the Seaside Surf & Travel Guide to Great Britain and Ireland (English language) contains 464 pages and is filled with inspiring photography that reflects the atmosphere and seaside lifestyle perfectly.