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Meet the LomoApparat Chiyoda, the totally EXPERIMENTAL, incredibly WIDE and super EASY TO USE 35 mm film camera with a 21 mm wide-angle lens, in a limited-edition cream leather design for Spring.
A fresh new limited-edition leather design for the LomoApparat camera
Step out of reality and fit everything in the frame with the 21 mm wide-angle lens
Snap around the clock and get analogue crazy with a built-in flash and colored gel filter slider
Kaleidoscope and Splitzer lens attachments for unique experimental effects
Use the 0.2 m close-up lens attachment to get closer… and closer
Film Format: 35 mm
Focal Length: 21 mm
Available Apertures: f10
Shutter Speed: 1/100 (N), Bulb (B)
Flash: Built In Flash
Available ISO Settings: No ISO Adjustment
Multiple Exposure: Yes
Tripod Mount: Yes
Cable Release: No
Battery: 1 × AA
SKU: la121chiyoda

Named for the historical district of Tokyo, Japan, which our Lomography+ team calls home, the LomoApparat Chiyoda is wrapped in refreshing cream leather, perfect for the creative-minded individual looking to capture life’s moments in style. With all the exciting features that LomoApparat cameras are known for, the Chiyoda offers endless possibilities for your photography journey. A limited-edition design, get yours today and start exploring your world through a new lens.

Get Wide, Get Weird, Get Wonderfully Analogue! Shoot out-of-this-world imagery with the LomoApparat camera. Super easy to use for analogue newbies and pros alike, the LomoApparat will look cool in anyone’s hand. It’s pocket-sized but won’t stay there for long. Your authentically analogue companion for everyday film photography, shoot iconic images bursting with classic vignetting, high contrast, Lomography saturation and gorgeous film grain.

Imagination never takes a day off and with the LomoApparat you can shoot fun, simple and creative photos all day and all night. Using any 35 mm film, this everyday camera is reloadable, not disposable so once you’ve finished one roll you can go again to uncover inspiring features every time you take it out!